Guitarist Tim Rockmore Announces the Release of New Episode in Noodles

Tim Rockmore is perhaps one of the most seasoned professionals when it comes to music studio productions. He’s best known for his show, Noodles, where you can watch how he handles the guitar.

Recently, he announced that there will be a new episode of Noodles getting released. Listen to the new episode for a couple of seconds and you’ll definitely appreciate how he handles the fretboard with a winning melody.

guitar riff - Guitarist Tim Rockmore Announces the Release of New Episode in Noodles

It features an all-instrumental set that covers a wide variety of styles, each with a degree of intensity. While there is a broad range of genres in the EP, they really blend together which is probably made possible due to Rockmore’s fluid playing.

While the opener, which is “Road Song,” isn’t exactly going to quickly escalate things, it definitely produces compelling music. You can really see why Rockmore is one of the most in-demand suppliers of library music recently.

It would then feature “Sunny’s Song”, a joyful acoustic opening followed by Tim’s signature guitar lines that really takes guitar playing to the next level.There are many all-instrumental sets in the episode.

Although it really makes you think they’re trying too hard, Rockmore was able to balance it pretty well.

Then it would play “Goin’ to Nashville” which might provide hints on how the show will turn out at the end. It features a nostalgic melody with his gritty solo featuring a sound that any hardcore guitar fan would like all the while pleasing the general audience as well.

Then “Hot Noodles” will be played that feature the harmonized guitar parts, and then closer “My Guitar Wants to Funk”, which is obviously made to be funky.

Overall, the EP was made to give you some good vibes while drawing you in and making you want more of it. It would also be great research material for people who want to study and learn more about guitar playing especially concerning handling the fretboard.


The Best Solo Songs of the Rock Guitarist, Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton had carved out his own corner of blues and rock history during his band days in Yardbirds, Cream, Blind Faith, Derek and the Dominos, and Bluesbreakers. As a result, Eric Clapton is regarded for his career as a solo artist.

He took a hiatus in 1970, which isn’t really a big deal considering that he came back in 1974. Since then, Eric had been capitalizing from his albums selling millions and millions of his albums.

Regardless, his solo effort really bornfruit as he had become one of the most successful rock guitarists. So today we look at some of the best solo songs of Eric Clapton.

Peaches and Diesel

Eric Clapton really did great with his “Peaches and Diesel” that was included in his 1977 album, Slowhand. It was released as a part of his single, and in fact, it was only the B-side, but it’s now being compared to the popular A-side, “Wonderful Tonight.”

Love Comes to Everyone

Love Comes to Everyone has definitely been on everyone’s mind because it’s one of Clapton’s most successful solos.It is an out-and-out cover song that even appeared in the former Beatle’s 1979 album.

With Clapton’s version included in the Back Home album release in 2005, it has become even more sensational.

The Shape You’re In

Of course, Clapton’s final album will be in this list. All of the songs included in his last album, Money and Cigarettes are great.There are engaging songs and some are actually funny. There are even duet songs included on the album.

However, what really stood out was his “The Shape You’re In”.

Lonesome and a Long Way From Home

“Lonesome and a Long Way From Home” is one of Eric Clapton’s songs that belong to his self-titled album. While you may find the screaming background singers and trumpets a little bit annoying, the song is good overall.

There are some fine tunes in the disc including Clapton’s famous Strat tone from 1970.

Hard Times

When Clapton attempted to promote Journeyman in 1989, it resulted in this bluesy Ray Charles cover, Hard Times. Of course, even as a promotional tool, it ended up being a trend at that time. And now, it’s one of the songs that made Eric Clapton what he is now.

Easy Now

Easy Now is perhaps one of the finest songs that Clapton has ever written. Besides the appearance of this song on his debut album, it was also the B-side of “After Midnight.” In fact, music critics such as Scott Floman regarded the song as often overlooked since it should’ve gotten more praise from music enthusiasts.

Travelin’ Light

Since his successful songs have received most of the attention directed to him, such as “After Midnight” and “Cocaine,” “Travelin’ Light” wasn’t as popular as it should’ve been. However, it still doesn’t depart from the awesomeness of Eric’s solo songs.

These are seven of the best songs from Eric Clapton. While he’s a guitarist, this only proves that there are no qualifications for being successful as a musician, even if you prefer doing solo songs most of the time.


Axe-FX III, the Best Companion for a Guitar

Amplifiers can change how guitars sound and this change of sound can be critical for heavy metal or hard rock bands. This is exactly why these types of products catch the attention of many professional guitarists.

Here we look at the trending Axe-FX III, which may be considered as the best companion for your guitar.

We’ll focus on its features, performance, the price, of course, as well as the reputation of the manufacturer.


Perhaps one of the best features of Axe-FX III that we liked is that there’s a full-color display that improves how users see it. The operating software is much more intuitive than its predecessors and you can easily navigate to look at more info than before.

There are many selections in the Axe-FX III and it includes 260 amps, 2,200 cabinets, and lastly, 220 effects. With these collections, you can customize the sound of any instrument to anything you like and it’s as if the sound you’re hearing is being played right beside you.


Overall, the performance of Axe-FX III is top-notch and it deserves to be called the product with the highest technology of all Axe-FXs. The performance or audio quality feels like you’re in a pro studio control room and it not only sounds like the real deal, you can also feel it like the real deal.

Unlike many amp modeller products that often overshadow the guitar’s intrinsic tone, Axe-FX III treats the guitar like it is in the “real-world”. While the audio is not 100 percent spot on identical to real guitars, it still presents a familiar sound for guitarists.


The manufacturer of Axe-FX III, as well as its predecessors, is Fractal Audio Systems. They sell this product for $2,249.99 as the direct price.

Don’t get overwhelmed by that though, because it’s actually pretty cheap when you look at it. The full-color display of Axe-FX III makes the program easier to manage and control.The audio is also in incredibly crisp detail.

The four individual sets of stereo inputs and outputs can give users the ability to handle stage setup as well as outboard effect processing well.

The bottom line is, the Axe-FX III is simply the best amp and have the widest variety of effects, making it an effective effect modeling product available today. However, remember that products will come that will be better than this and with more guitar customizations.


The Greatest Heavy Metal Guitarists of All Time

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself getting down from the frustrations of learning and honing your skills with the guitar. Plus, you can’t help but make mistakes in your venture.

This is when you should get some inspiration from people who have actually overcome these challenges that you’re facing now.

So here are people that are considered the greatest heavy metal guitarists due to their achievements throughout their career as a guitarist.

guitar cords - The Greatest Heavy Metal Guitarists of All Time

Dave Mustaine

David Scott “Dave” Mustaine is an American guitarist as well as a singer. He is best known for being one of the pioneers in Thrash Metal, as he was the lead guitarist of Metallica, a popular heavy metal band, back in the 1980s.

Dimebag Darrell

Darrel Lance Abbott is an American guitarist and he’s one of the founding members of two bands, namely Pantera and Damageplan. While Dimebag was known as a guitarist, his brother Vinnie Paul was known for being a legendary drummer.

Tony Iommi

Anthony Iommi is an English guitarist and is the founding member of Black Sabbath, which is a pioneering heavy metal band. He’s known for being one of the people who gave birth to heavy metal music.

Kirk Hammett

Kirk Hammett is best known for being the lead guitarist of the well-known band Metallica. Before joining Metallica, he was a member as well as the founder of the band Exodus.

Randy Rhoads

Randall William Rhoads is an American heavy metal guitarist that played with Oz Osbourne of Coven. Unfortunately, he died due to a plane crash.

These are five of the greatest guitarists of all time in the heavy metal music genre. You may notice that most of them are pioneers, and it’s no surprise. Great guitarists usually find and create new playing styles as they aren’t satisfied with the style they have now.


Joe Kruse Reveals Five Guitar Building Tips for Aspiring Guitarists

Building your own guitar brings several advantages. One benefit is that you can customize your guitar to make up for your shortcomings rather than just relying on a plain guitar.

However, guitar building is not as easy as you think, and you can look at itlike building your own computer for example, depending on your preferences, be it for gaming or graphic designing.

Knowing your needs will help you do it, but there are more to it than that. So here we look at the tips of Joe Kruse, a professional guitarist when it comes to guitar building.


Even with a light guitar, you can’t balance it easily. That’s why strap-button placement should be considered as well as the length of the bottom line when building a guitar. The top strap button should be around the 12th fret while the bottom line should be slightly higher than the centerline.

Electronic Access

If you’ve been playing the guitar for a long time, then you’ve probably experienced the frustration of removing the strings just to get to the inside of the guitar. This is why you should consider having a separate control pocket that allows you to access the electronics easily.

Neck Angle

The neck angle of your guitar is essential when building it for the first time. You need to consider adding a slight angle to its neck to help your left hand stay comfortable. The aspect of neck angle is especially important when it comes to bass guitars.

String Alignment

Aside from the neck of the guitar, you should also keep tabs on how the strings are aligned. There are many issues regarding this aspect with the wrong placement. The right placement should be the highest string on the edge of the neck, while the lowest will be in the fretboard.

Truss Rod

While the truss-rod adjustment isn’t mentioned as often as you hear neck or string alignment, it still makes quite a significant difference. Make sure the neck with the adjustment nut right outside the neck. That way, you can see what you’re doing immediately.

These are five tips for better guitar-building. Since guitars are essential for playing in the hard rock or heavy metal music genre, it’s important that guitarists have the best customization for their guitars, according to the specification and the music they’re playing.


A1.8C Solar Guitar, Unveiled and Available for Heavy Metal Guitarists

If you’re a committed collector of guitar gear, you’ve probably heard of the National Association of Music Merchants.

They’re an agency that features the bestof the best of instruments, or any kind of product that have a physical form that may be sold, which is related to music.

And since the Winter NAMM, A1.8C has been featured and teased so you know it’s going to be great, and now it’s finally here. A1.8C is what they call a 27” scale length guitar and the jet black color really turns heavy metal guitarists on.

Solar Guitars A1.8C

guitar strings - A1.8C Solar Guitar, Unveiled and Available for Heavy Metal Guitarists

The A1.8C of Solar Guitar is an 8-string beast guitar and it was featured by Ola Englund, a Swedish musician, in one of his new releases. Ola Englund is a musician that you may consider a YouTube metal guitar legend as he releases reviews on the newest guitars on the market.

Despite being famousal ready, his video regarding the A1.8C really stood out even among his previous releases. In fact, it looked like it was going to be trending in the next couple of months in comparison with the videos he posted prior to the release of A1.8C.

The Solar Guitars A1.8C belongs to the category of guitars called “super-heavy range”, and even with the overwhelming requirements to be included in this category, A1.8C is said to be extreme even.

With the purchase of Solar Guitars A1.8C, you’ll get a 27” scale length behemoth with 24 stainless steel frets on its huge jet black fretboard. The riffs are also said to be smooth and you can play it with ease, coming from people who already tried it.

The note range is also massive compared to other guitars.

Overwhelming Riff Machine

3d guitar - A1.8C Solar Guitar, Unveiled and Available for Heavy Metal Guitarists

Even if you don’t play an 8-string guitar, you can still appreciate the greatness of the Solar Guitars A1.8C.The Evertune bridge of the Solar Guitars A1.8C is easy to keep in tune and tight if you use it along with the 18:1 Solar locking tuners.

You will also get the Luminlay glow-in-the-dark feature that will appear as the side dots which might be helpful if you’re playing on a dark stage.

The guitar also features a set of Solar Duncans located in both the bridge and neck positions of the guitar. Both will be wired via a single Volume and Tone control as well as a 5-way blade switch.

If that’s not enough, then perhaps the Carbon Black Matte will finish the job, as if it’s shouting that it’s really a riff machine.

Every musician has potential, and this potential is maximized through the use of instruments.Guitarists are no exception, and perhaps it’s even more so when it comes to these musicians.

While A1.8C is great, it might not suit your preferences, and so we at Coven Worldwide will continue posting more reviews like this one.


Heavy Metal Band Guitarist Retires Last Year, Here’s The Update

If you’ve been a fan of guitarists in the rock and metal genre since last year, then you’ve probably heard of a famous guitarist in Judas Priest, Glenn Tipton, being retired with band activity due to his battle with Parkinson’s disease.

2018: Glenn Tipton Announces Retirement

This announcement happened during early 2018 and he announced that he won’t be joining the band in their upcoming Firepower tour. He is known to have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s since 2008, although he was still able to play and perform.

guitarist view - Heavy Metal Band Guitarist Retires Last Year, Here’s The Update

However, due to the progression of this disease, he had to back off for now, although he said he won’t be leaving the band, rather just changing roles. Then, Andy Sneap was chosen to be his replacement for the meantime in the Firepower tour.

And now, after a year, one of his bandmates have some updates with how Glenn Tipton is, now. After all, you can’t help but wonder what the one that had been regarded by many as a true metal hero had been doing after all this time.

2019: Update From Glenn Tipton’s Retirement

The frontman of Judas Priest, Rob Halford, was interviewed and he was asked to share his thoughts about the retirement of his dear bandmate and their main guitarist, Glenn Tipton.

At the interview, he mentioned about Firepower, which was the first tour of Judas Priest without Glenn. Rob mentions that since that tour, they didn’t think of stopping despite Glenn’s absence.

However, he can see that Glenn will be working with them again and writing heavy metal music. That’s what they really want to do as a band, and that is what they need to do as well.

“I can imagine Glenn and Richie and myself sitting down again sometime in the near future and writing new metal.”Plus, they don’t really plan on stopping with the band, seeing there’s no end in sight.

The bottom line is that since Judas Priest won’t be retiring as a band for a while, there may come a time when Glenn starts writing and performing heavy metal music with them again. And if you’re a fan of heavy metal guitarists, then this opportunity will be golden for you.


Best Guitarists of Rock Bands on Tour This Year

The most important role when it comes to heavy metal or hard rock bands are the guitarists, which usually is played by one to four members.

There are couple important steps to becoming the next Keith Richads. With all the information out there, buying the right guitar is the easiest part. It’s only natural to aspire to be one of them when you learn how to hone your skills in the guitar. Here are the members that play the guitar in bands that will be on tour this 2019.

live show - Best Guitarists of Rock Bands on Tour This Year


The lead guitarist of KISS is Tommy Thayer, with Gene Simmons as the bassist, and Paul Stanley as the rhythm guitarists. These three roles, bass, lead, and rhythm, is the usual lineup for band guitarists.


The lead guitar is played by Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield with the rhythm guitar, and Robert Trujillo, the bassist. Members usually have separate roles, but there are sometimes members with multiple roles.


Joe Perry plays both the rhythm and lead guitar, which is sometimes played by Brad Whitford. Then there’s the bassist, Tom Hamilton. The lead and rhythm guitar role belongs to two people in case one of them doesn’t make it.

Bon Jovi

The leader, Jon Bon Jovi, plays both the rhythm and acoustic guitar, although it’s not normal for rock and metal bands. Then there’s David Bryan with the pedal steel guitar, another quirky role.

Lastly, Phil X is the substitute for both rhythm and acoustic guitar, for the same reason as with Aerosmith’s.

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones’ lineup with guitarists is very flexiblesince two of their members, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood, plays rhythm, lead, and bass guitar, while their lead vocalist, Mick Jagger only plays the rhythm guitar.

These are the guitarists that you might end up being a fan of after going to one of their shows. You can either learn from them, learn from other guitar magazines or make them your source of motivation knowing that you can be as good as them.