acoustic guitar - AboutCoven Worldwide Magazine is a platform designed to serve as a guide for people who aspires to become guitarists in the hard rock and heavy metal music genre.

We also help people who are simply interested in the music industry, particularly in the genre of heavy metal and hard rock.

Our team here at Coven Worldwide Magazine is composed of people experienced with the guitar as well as the two music genres: hard rock and heavy metal. The team is led by Esteban Blair, a citizen of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

We are committed to bringing our audience different types of content that will strengthen their foundations with the guitar as well as the two music genres. Our content comes from reliable sources.

Our Mission

Playing in the music genres, hard rock and heavy metal, is not possible without a guitarist. There are typically more than one guitarist standing on the stage.

We believe the style of playing the guitar when it comes to hard rock or heavy metal is completely different from normal guitar playingstyles.

This is why we provide our readers with the option to learn how to properly play the guitar through our content.

It is our ultimate goal to make it easier for people who aspire to become guitarists to do what they really want to do – to play the guitar aligned with the hard rock and heavy metal genres.

To achieve our mission, we post different types of content.

What Do We Offer?

It’s no doubt that there are hundreds if not thousands of magazine websites just like ours on the internet. However, you might find some of them are biased or lack research. This is where we thrive.

We at Coven Worldwideuse technical research and analysis in order to make it easier for people to understand the message we want to send to our readers. This is also so that they can learn easily without thinking too much.

Hard Rock and Heavy Metal

We specialize in the genres: hard rock and heavy metal, although some of our content might be unrelated to both.


We provide the latest news in the music industry that might affect guitarists or aspiring guitarists.


We review gear as well as inform readers of the latest announcements regarding guitar gear.

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