Our History

electric guitar - Our History

Coven is a product of the late‘60s environment, contributing to the rock music styles you’ve gotten used to now.

Even as it was stripped from the credit it should’ve gotten as being a pioneer of a certain music style, it is still one of the most influential bands in rock and metal music history.

Coven was founded by Jinx Dawson in the late‘60s in Chicago, along with bassist Oz Osborne and drummer Steve Ross.

By 1967/1968, the band were able to play in local shows known for visiting stars including Yardbirds and Vanilla Fudge with the help of guitarist Chris Nielson and their keyboardist John Hobbs.

Jinx, Oz, and Steve were known for being the core trio of the band and despite having overshadowed their music with unnecessary styles, they have been recognized by producer Bill Traut, the owner of Dunwich Records, as having the potential to make the band into a sensational music group.

Thus, this helps them pair up with songwriters that helped them secure deals with Chicago’s Mercury Records. This led to their debut album, and the album one can consider as 1969’s legendary album, Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls.

It introduced a style that music had never seen before, a mix of pop and psychedelic prog rock with their opening song named “Black Sabbath”.

Due to Charles Manson’s family’s heinous acts, Mercury Records was forced to officially withdraw the debut album of Coven and this became a setback for the band to recover from.

Now, due to the second chance given to Jinx Dawson with their single called “One Tin Soldier” for the purpose of using as a movie soundtrack. It was included in the Billboard Magazine’s Hot 100 from 1971 to 1974.

This then sparked life to the previously disbanded band and today, they continue to do what they do best.