Guitarist Tim Rockmore Announces the Release of New Episode in Noodles

Tim Rockmore is perhaps one of the most seasoned professionals when it comes to music studio productions. He’s best known for his show, Noodles, where you can watch how he handles the guitar.

Recently, he announced that there will be a new episode of Noodles getting released. Listen to the new episode for a couple of seconds and you’ll definitely appreciate how he handles the fretboard with a winning melody.

guitar riff - Guitarist Tim Rockmore Announces the Release of New Episode in Noodles

It features an all-instrumental set that covers a wide variety of styles, each with a degree of intensity. While there is a broad range of genres in the EP, they really blend together which is probably made possible due to Rockmore’s fluid playing.

While the opener, which is “Road Song,” isn’t exactly going to quickly escalate things, it definitely produces compelling music. You can really see why Rockmore is one of the most in-demand suppliers of library music recently.

It would then feature “Sunny’s Song”, a joyful acoustic opening followed by Tim’s signature guitar lines that really takes guitar playing to the next level.There are many all-instrumental sets in the episode.

Although it really makes you think they’re trying too hard, Rockmore was able to balance it pretty well.

Then it would play “Goin’ to Nashville” which might provide hints on how the show will turn out at the end. It features a nostalgic melody with his gritty solo featuring a sound that any hardcore guitar fan would like all the while pleasing the general audience as well.

Then “Hot Noodles” will be played that feature the harmonized guitar parts, and then closer “My Guitar Wants to Funk”, which is obviously made to be funky.

Overall, the EP was made to give you some good vibes while drawing you in and making you want more of it. It would also be great research material for people who want to study and learn more about guitar playing especially concerning handling the fretboard.