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Axe-FX III, the Best Companion for a Guitar

Amplifiers can change how guitars sound and this change of sound can be critical for heavy metal or hard rock bands. This is exactly why these types of products catch the attention of many professional guitarists.

Here we look at the trending Axe-FX III, which may be considered as the best companion for your guitar.

We’ll focus on its features, performance, the price, of course, as well as the reputation of the manufacturer.


Perhaps one of the best features of Axe-FX III that we liked is that there’s a full-color display that improves how users see it. The operating software is much more intuitive than its predecessors and you can easily navigate to look at more info than before.

There are many selections in the Axe-FX III and it includes 260 amps, 2,200 cabinets, and lastly, 220 effects. With these collections, you can customize the sound of any instrument to anything you like and it’s as if the sound you’re hearing is being played right beside you.


Overall, the performance of Axe-FX III is top-notch and it deserves to be called the product with the highest technology of all Axe-FXs. The performance or audio quality feels like you’re in a pro studio control room and it not only sounds like the real deal, you can also feel it like the real deal.

Unlike many amp modeller products that often overshadow the guitar’s intrinsic tone, Axe-FX III treats the guitar like it is in the “real-world”. While the audio is not 100 percent spot on identical to real guitars, it still presents a familiar sound for guitarists.


The manufacturer of Axe-FX III, as well as its predecessors, is Fractal Audio Systems. They sell this product for $2,249.99 as the direct price.

Don’t get overwhelmed by that though, because it’s actually pretty cheap when you look at it. The full-color display of Axe-FX III makes the program easier to manage and control.The audio is also in incredibly crisp detail.

The four individual sets of stereo inputs and outputs can give users the ability to handle stage setup as well as outboard effect processing well.

The bottom line is, the Axe-FX III is simply the best amp and have the widest variety of effects, making it an effective effect modeling product available today. However, remember that products will come that will be better than this and with more guitar customizations.


Heavy Metal Band Guitarist Retires Last Year, Here’s The Update

If you’ve been a fan of guitarists in the rock and metal genre since last year, then you’ve probably heard of a famous guitarist in Judas Priest, Glenn Tipton, being retired with band activity due to his battle with Parkinson’s disease.

2018: Glenn Tipton Announces Retirement

This announcement happened during early 2018 and he announced that he won’t be joining the band in their upcoming Firepower tour. He is known to have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s since 2008, although he was still able to play and perform.


However, due to the progression of this disease, he had to back off for now, although he said he won’t be leaving the band, rather just changing roles. Then, Andy Sneap was chosen to be his replacement for the meantime in the Firepower tour.

And now, after a year, one of his bandmates have some updates with how Glenn Tipton is, now. After all, you can’t help but wonder what the one that had been regarded by many as a true metal hero had been doing after all this time.

2019: Update From Glenn Tipton’s Retirement

The frontman of Judas Priest, Rob Halford, was interviewed and he was asked to share his thoughts about the retirement of his dear bandmate and their main guitarist, Glenn Tipton.

At the interview, he mentioned about Firepower, which was the first tour of Judas Priest without Glenn. Rob mentions that since that tour, they didn’t think of stopping despite Glenn’s absence.

However, he can see that Glenn will be working with them again and writing heavy metal music. That’s what they really want to do as a band, and that is what they need to do as well.

“I can imagine Glenn and Richie and myself sitting down again sometime in the near future and writing new metal.”Plus, they don’t really plan on stopping with the band, seeing there’s no end in sight.

The bottom line is that since Judas Priest won’t be retiring as a band for a while, there may come a time when Glenn starts writing and performing heavy metal music with them again. And if you’re a fan of heavy metal guitarists, then this opportunity will be golden for you.