Joe Kruse Reveals Five Guitar Building Tips for Aspiring Guitarists

Building your own guitar brings several advantages. One benefit is that you can customize your guitar to make up for your shortcomings rather than just relying on a plain guitar.

However, guitar building is not as easy as you think, and you can look at itlike building your own computer for example, depending on your preferences, be it for gaming or graphic designing.

Knowing your needs will help you do it, but there are more to it than that. So here we look at the tips of Joe Kruse, a professional guitarist when it comes to guitar building.


Even with a light guitar, you can’t balance it easily. That’s why strap-button placement should be considered as well as the length of the bottom line when building a guitar. The top strap button should be around the 12th fret while the bottom line should be slightly higher than the centerline.

Electronic Access

If you’ve been playing the guitar for a long time, then you’ve probably experienced the frustration of removing the strings just to get to the inside of the guitar. This is why you should consider having a separate control pocket that allows you to access the electronics easily.

Neck Angle

The neck angle of your guitar is essential when building it for the first time. You need to consider adding a slight angle to its neck to help your left hand stay comfortable. The aspect of neck angle is especially important when it comes to bass guitars.

String Alignment

Aside from the neck of the guitar, you should also keep tabs on how the strings are aligned. There are many issues regarding this aspect with the wrong placement. The right placement should be the highest string on the edge of the neck, while the lowest will be in the fretboard.

Truss Rod

While the truss-rod adjustment isn’t mentioned as often as you hear neck or string alignment, it still makes quite a significant difference. Make sure the neck with the adjustment nut right outside the neck. That way, you can see what you’re doing immediately.

These are five tips for better guitar-building. Since guitars are essential for playing in the hard rock or heavy metal music genre, it’s important that guitarists have the best customization for their guitars, according to the specification and the music they’re playing.