The Best Solo Songs of the Rock Guitarist, Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton had carved out his own corner of blues and rock history during his band days in Yardbirds, Cream, Blind Faith, Derek and the Dominos, and Bluesbreakers. As a result, Eric Clapton is regarded for his career as a solo artist.

He took a hiatus in 1970, which isn’t really a big deal considering that he came back in 1974. Since then, Eric had been capitalizing from his albums selling millions and millions of his albums.

Regardless, his solo effort really bornfruit as he had become one of the most successful rock guitarists. So today we look at some of the best solo songs of Eric Clapton.

Peaches and Diesel

Eric Clapton really did great with his “Peaches and Diesel” that was included in his 1977 album, Slowhand. It was released as a part of his single, and in fact, it was only the B-side, but it’s now being compared to the popular A-side, “Wonderful Tonight.”

Love Comes to Everyone

Love Comes to Everyone has definitely been on everyone’s mind because it’s one of Clapton’s most successful solos.It is an out-and-out cover song that even appeared in the former Beatle’s 1979 album.

With Clapton’s version included in the Back Home album release in 2005, it has become even more sensational.

The Shape You’re In

Of course, Clapton’s final album will be in this list. All of the songs included in his last album, Money and Cigarettes are great.There are engaging songs and some are actually funny. There are even duet songs included on the album.

However, what really stood out was his “The Shape You’re In”.

Lonesome and a Long Way From Home

“Lonesome and a Long Way From Home” is one of Eric Clapton’s songs that belong to his self-titled album. While you may find the screaming background singers and trumpets a little bit annoying, the song is good overall.

There are some fine tunes in the disc including Clapton’s famous Strat tone from 1970.

Hard Times

When Clapton attempted to promote Journeyman in 1989, it resulted in this bluesy Ray Charles cover, Hard Times. Of course, even as a promotional tool, it ended up being a trend at that time. And now, it’s one of the songs that made Eric Clapton what he is now.

Easy Now

Easy Now is perhaps one of the finest songs that Clapton has ever written. Besides the appearance of this song on his debut album, it was also the B-side of “After Midnight.” In fact, music critics such as Scott Floman regarded the song as often overlooked since it should’ve gotten more praise from music enthusiasts.

Travelin’ Light

Since his successful songs have received most of the attention directed to him, such as “After Midnight” and “Cocaine,” “Travelin’ Light” wasn’t as popular as it should’ve been. However, it still doesn’t depart from the awesomeness of Eric’s solo songs.

These are seven of the best songs from Eric Clapton. While he’s a guitarist, this only proves that there are no qualifications for being successful as a musician, even if you prefer doing solo songs most of the time.